The story behind the brand…

Founded in London in 2019, You.NG London follows the path of a modern woman, living in a big city, who wants to have it all and have it now. Chasing big dreams and working hard on achieving the next step in the plan, she doesn’t compromise on the work-life balance. She loves the people around her and loves to socialise. She cares about the planet and wants to make a difference. She wants comfort, she wants quality, and she wants style. And we want her to be unstoppable, wherever the day takes her.

We love seeing the industry move towards slow and sustainable fashion, versatile and timeless clothes. But what if we took versatility to the next level and created pieces that can actually transform along with your day, we thought? A sleek corporate dress, that turns into a smart-casual outfit for those after-work drinks? A skirt that becomes a cocktail dress? And so the inspiration struck.

We knew it was no easy task to meet the high standards of the modern ambitious woman, but we did not want to disappoint and so worked hard to tick every box. We took our time coming up with clever ideas and designing multifunctional pieces here in London. We sourced beautiful fabrics from around the world, focusing on more sustainable materials and ethical work environments. We manufacture in Europe, and strive for impeccable quality and timeless style. We think we did it, but don’t take our word for it, check out our first collection, and let us know how we did.

If you are her, then maybe we’re just the brand for you.