You.NG Planet

Our Ethos

Our clothes are designed with the busy modern-day woman in mind. By creating highly versatile and transformative pieces, You.NG London offers the advantage of a compact, more flexible wardrobe. Our aim is to offer timeless fashion, that you can wear again and again. We work with small quantities to ensure a slow-fashion approach and as little waste as possible. Our garments are designed in London and manufactured in Europe, adhering to fair wages and good working conditions.

Our Materials

We aim to source quality innovative fabrics that meet the industry manufacturing standards. All our fabrics are OEKO-tex certified.

Cupro fabric is made of regenerated cellulose fibers from recycled cotton linter. Since it is a by-product of cotton production, it helps reduce waste. Cupro is breathable and regulates temperature like cotton, drapes elegantly, and feels like silk. It is also vegan and cruelty free.

Tencel™ (Lyocell) fabric, is an amazing eco friendly fabric that represents a milestone in the development of environmentally sustainable textiles. Lyocell is a natural, man made fibre created with wood pulp from sustainable tree farms. It is 100% biodegradable.


When deciding on our packaging, we knew right off the bat we wanted to be as eco-friendly as possible. As such, we have gone with a plastic-free approach. From the biodegradable branded stickers to the recyclable tissue paper, our packaging puts the the wellbeing of our planet first. Your orders will arrive in a branded cardboard box and the garment will be enclosed in a plastic-free biodegradable bag to protect it from the elements. This bag can even be dissolved in hot water, having no impact on the environment whatsoever.

Our Factory

Our garments are produced in a small factory in Bulgaria. When we were looking for the factory to partner up with, we wanted to ensure ethical practices were upheld, with fair wages and good working conditions always being at the forefront of our minds.